The technology we handle today draws on the experience of Japan, leading country in terms of development of systems of seawater cultures and also in the equipments in present use. the training systems, the special nets and other materials come from this highly developed country. with respect to actual production only highly qualified personnel is working with the latest generation equipment, which make possible the automation of the production during the stages of straightening up, bending and folding of the wires structures. our products also count on a notch to allow the fitting of the cross metal fastenings thus helping our product easily comply with the stability and alignment necessary for the optimum development of the molluscs during the while stage of growing up.

Tecnonet’s seawater culture equipments and systems have a long useful life and bear the hardships of sea operations extremely well.

Technical datas may change at every moment, in order to include the best result of our i+d research.
this fact will be communicated in this same web site.